Frequently Asked Questions

and their answers

Where are you located?

  • Congress Street Garage - 115 E Congress St, Savannah GA 31401 (map)
  • Lincoln Street Garage - 20 Lincoln St, Savannah, GA 31401 (map)

What are your hours? 

  • Parking is available 24/7/365. We never close.

How much is Daily parking? 

  • Congress Street and Lincoln Street Garage: $4 = 1 hour, $8 = 2 Hours, $10 = ALL DAY (24 hours from entry)

Do you accept Cash/Cards?

  • We accept both cash and most major credit and debt cards. 

How long can I park? 

  • You can park as long as needed. From an hour to a week or more.
  • Notify management if leaving car more than 9 (NINE) days so we know it isn’t abandoned.
  • Abandoned cars will be towed. 

Can I use the same ticket to cover all day?

  • No. Rates are calculated per ticket. Leaving and returning will create a new ticket and charge a new fee. 
  • Contact the manager for possible exceptions for stays 3 days or longer. 

How much is Monthly Parking?

  • Congress Street Garage - $150/month
  • Lincoln Street Garage - $125/month

What do I get as a Monthly Parker?

  • Monthly Parking grants access 24/7 except for the day of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade (usually March 17th, but can vary) for a general/non-reserved space. 

What is a General/Non-Reserved Space?

  • A general/non-reserved space guarantees 24/7 access to the garage but not an assigned or specific space.

I have two (or more cars) I drive. Can I register them both (all) for access? 

  • A monthly parker may register multiple cars as theirs but are limited to one car at a time per paid space. 

Are there Reserved Spaces?

  • There are currently only RESERVED spaces at the Congress Street Garage. These 20 spaces are on the 2nd floor and are clearly marked.
  • Parking in a space designated as “RESERVED” or otherwise coned or taped off is subject to the restrictions posted on the space. 

How can I become a Monthly Parker?

Something has happened and I need to contact the manager. 

  • For non urgent or non emergency inquiries, please email Sam Hartis
  • You can also call Sam Hartis at 912-704-9962.
  • Calls between 8:00PM and 7:00AM EST should be limited for emergencies or equipment malfunctions.